ZakkShane | Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer + Videographer

Nice to Meet You, I’m Zakk.

I have the ridiculous honor of getting to do what I love for a living. It really is a privilege. Getting to photograph weddings in Baton Rouge Louisiana, whether it’s the Old Governor’s Mansion, Ashley Manor, Nottoway Plantation, or even the Baton Rouge Hilton. it’s always an honor getting to be your photographer or videographer. It hasn’t always been an easy job, but I’ve went out of my way to create a lifestyle of never being afraid to learn new things. Countless hours and finances have been and will continue to be poured into constantly learning more about this art of capturing memories that come once in a lifetime. When you hire me as your photographer and videographer I promise that will deliver your precious memories in the best way possible, ensuring they last for many years to come. Being a Photographer / Videographer in Baton Rouge is an honor and I can’t wait to capture all the important moments of your life.

I love getting to live in Baton Rouge as a wedding photographer and videographer for commercial clients and couples alike. I think the absolute coolest part of my job as a Baton Rouge wedding photographer and videographer is that I get to watch some pretty amazing people grow in their relationship from the proposal all the way until the wedding day. Even cooler is when I get to photograph them as a family later on down the road.

I’ve made it a point to be a wedding driven photographer and videographer but it doesn’t stop their. I offer Videography & Photography services to not only couples but families, seniors, restaurants, real estate, and other commercial entities in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

I’ve also ventured out into a new segment of my life as a photographer and videographer by constructing educational material for people wanting to pursue their creativity and venture out into this world. Photography 101 is my latest venture and I would LOVE if you' check it out. This course is ideal for anyone who has recently purchased a camera and is wanting to become a photographer.

It’s been a privilege traveling all around the United States as a photographer / videographer. Capturing churches, people in love at their wedding, businesses, and everything in between. I can’t wait to meet you and to work with you. This is going to be fun.

Why Do You Need a Baton Rouge Videographer?

Videography provides a perspective that is often overlooked and can’t be replicated as well with photography. Being a photographer is a huge passion of mine but being a videographer has opened a whole new world of capturing memories and moments for people in such a fresh perspective. Adding a videographer to your Baton Rouge wedding or commercial package will be something you don’t regret.


This is a beautiful city with beautiful people that may or may not talk with a strange (to most) accent. We’re the land of gumbo, Mardis Gras, and second line wedding parades in the New Orleans French Quarter. New Orleans and Baton Rouge are beautiful places that would be the perfect place for your wedding day. As your wedding photographers and videographers, we LOVE being your guide to the city. We love to help get you going into the right direction, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with wedding photography or videography. We hope to be on the guest list for your big day. You’re gonna look great. If you're looking for the Lake Charles portion of our company, I really just can’t wait to be your photographer.


As your photographer, I believe that digital files just aren't enough and that printing your photos is one of the most important archival practices. With all of my sessions I provide an online gallery that you can share with friends and family that allows you to order top-quality prints straight from this website. As a bonus, all of my prints are made with durable archival paper that shows all the details of your well-made investment. You’re not just investing in a photographer, you're investing in someone who will help you turn your precious memories into beautiful artwork that you will be looking at for years to come.


ZakkShane Photo specializes in creating a beautiful replication of your big day here in Baton Rouge or abroad. Through photo journalism and being lifestyle portrait photographers, we’re able to capture all of the candid moments of your wedding day while also providing you with artistic poses that will prove to be timeless. Consider adding a wedding videography bundle to your Baton Rouge or New Orleans wedding to not only save, but add a beautiful & cinematic way to watch your big day over and over. All of the employees and shooters for ZakkShane Photo + Video are professionally trained and trusted by Zakk. We don’t take your wedding photography or videography lightly. So, relax, have a drink, and a slice of wedding cake. We’re taking the wheel to ensure you have the best day of your lives yet.

Sometimes you are limited as a photographer or videographer by a lack of light (or an abundance) and have to get creative with ways to create a great shot and I can honestly say that my team and I have placed a large focus on constantly learning and teaching new lighting techniques for specific situations to ensure that you get the best wedding photographer and videography experience in Louisiana.