Zach + Emily | Candid Wedding Engagement Session

Nobody likes feeling uptight for a photography session. Especially the engagement sessions that will be going out to all of your friends and family, inviting them to your beautiful Baton Rouge wedding. As much fun as intricate posing is, sometimes candid photographs are more meaningful, showing a more intimate dynamic to your relationship. These two fell into that type of feel for their engagements quite naturally. We love when this happens, so we go with it. 

Why Candid Though?

Candid photography is essential if you really want your engagement photography session to look natural and truly capture the little nuances of your relationship. The in-between moments are the best ones to photograph, when you're least expecting it. Baton Rouge is a beautiful place with a ton great locations for your engagements. Even if you aren’t getting married in this amazing city, we highly suggest having your engagement session done here! Candid photography in this crazy, artsy city a good idea. Trust me.

But What About Posed Shots?

That’s no problem either! We prefer to start the session off by letting you guys “do your thing”. It helps everybody loosen up. After a portion of that we typically move into more posed photography. These images of Zach & Emily from their engagement session is a great example of candid and posed! At the end of your session you will get to choose your favorite 25 images from our time together, posed, candid, or both!

Zach & Emily

Initially, Zach & Emily were concerned about looking "awkward" or needing to be told "what to do" in their time with us. I just smiled and got them to talk to each other, walk, laugh, so forth and so on. The results were great! I absolutely loved working with them. The lighting was perfect, and the weather was just as beautiful. We can’t wait to photograph them on their wedding day at Magnolia Mulvaney’s! They were so much fun to work with, easy to talk to, and looked phenomenal!

Emily, you’re going to make a beautiful bride.

Zakk Miller